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How To Trade Binary Options: Beginners guide to successful trading. Binary options have grown increasingly popular for traders and investors over the past 10 years. However, due to their high-risk nature, some question whether binary options are a legitimate form of trading or just another scam. This article explores what binary options are, how they work, whether they can be profitable, and how to avoid binary options scams. Trade with pocket option broker

What Are Binary Options?

Binary options
A binary option is a financial instrument that provides a fixed monetary payout if an underlying asset moves beyond a predetermined price within a specified time frame. With a binary option, you predict whether the price of a stock, commodity, currency pair, or index will rise or fall from its current price by the expiration. Use the buy or sell for potential profit while you price at a certain time

If your prediction is correct, you receive the agreed upon payout. If your prediction is incorrect, you lose your initial investment. This all-or-nothing proposition makes binary options a high-risk, high-reward trading instrument.

The “binary” refers to the two potential outcomes – either you profit or lose your entire investment. You cannot close your position early to lock in partial gains or cut losses. Binary means “two” and binary options have only two possible payoffs–a fixed amount or nothing at all. That’s why they are called “binary.”

For example, you believe that Gold will close above $1,700 per ounce in 30 minutes. You purchase a binary call option for $50 with a potential payout of $100. If Gold closes above $1,700 in 30 minutes, you receive $100 for a net profit of $50. If Gold closes below $1,700 in 30 minutes, you lose your $50 investment.

How Do Binary Options Work?

There are three key elements to a binary option:

      1. The Underlying Asset: The market you trade such as a stock, currency, commodity, or index.
      2. The Strike Price: Your prediction of where the market price will be at expiration.
      3. The Expiration: When your prediction must occur by.

For instance, you believe that Apple stock will trade above $150 at 2 pm today. You purchase a binary call option with a strike price of $150 expiring at 2 pm for $30.

If Apple stock is higher than $150 at 2 pm, you earn a payout of $70 plus your $30 investment back totaling $100. However, if Apple stock is below $150 at 2 pm, you lose your $30 investment.

You simply predict whether you believe the underlying asset will close above or below the strike price at the expiration time. If you think the price will rise, you “buy” the binary option. If you think the price will fall, you “sell” the binary option.

Binary options transform trading stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices into a simple question: “Will the underlying asset close higher or lower than this price at this time?”

Binary Option Payouts and Risks

A major attraction of binaries is the opportunity for high payouts compared to other trading instruments. Returns typically range from 60% to 90% of your trade amount. Some brokers even offer payouts up to 500% for extremely volatile assets or events.

However, you risk losing 100% of your investment if your prediction is incorrect. You can never lose more than your initial trade amount since binary options have fixed risks and fixed rewards. The restricted risk exposure per trade attracts many beginner traders.

For example, you risk $50 to potentially earn $90 if you predict correctly. However, if you predict incorrectly, you lose 100% of your $50 investment. The higher reward potential comes with higher risk.

Binary Options Trading Strategies

Skilled traders employ various trading strategies based on market conditions and personal risk tolerance. Common binary options strategies include:

      • Trend Strategy: Identify the overall direction of asset price movements to predict continuations.
      • Reversal Strategy: Spot trend reversals through technical analysis to predict price pullbacks.
      • Range Trading Strategy: Trade range bound markets that lack definitive direction.
      • News Trading Strategy: Capitalize on increased volatility from news events and data releases.
      • Candlestick Strategy: Identify reversal patterns using candlestick charts.

For example, a trend trading strategy identifies that Apple stock has risen the past few days so you predict this upward trend will continue. A news trading strategy predicts increased volatility for the USD/JPY currency pair leading up to a Bank of Japan interest rate decision so you trade the surrounding price swings.

Tips for New Binary Traders

Follow these tips when getting started trading binary options:

      • Learn First: Research binary options and financial markets before investing money.
      • Practice Trading: Refine your strategies and learn platforms using a demo account.
      • Start Small: Only risk small amounts until you gain experience.
      • Have a Trading Plan: Outline financial goals, risk tolerance, strategies, and milestones before trading.
      • Manage Risks: Utilize stop losses and caps on trade size to control losses.

With knowledge and risk management, binary trading can supplement income. However, it’s not a get rich quick scheme requiring extensive learning.

Are Binary Options Legal in the United States?

Yes, binary options are legal to trade in the US but only on a CFTC regulated exchange like Nadex. Off-exchange binary options trading is illegal due to widespread scams caused by the lack of oversight.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange attempted to introduce binary options trading in 2008 but could not overcome regulatory hurdles. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission now regulates binary options through Nadex and the Cantor Exchange. These exchanges hold trader funds in segregated accounts for extra protection.

Always verify binary options are traded on a CFTC regulated US exchange and that the broker cannot trade against you or manipulate pricing. Regulation protects traders from fraud through strict oversight rules.

How to Avoid Binary Options Scams

While binary options offer exciting opportunities, various scams exist due to the lack of regulation of offshore brokers and software providers. Avoid binary scams by following these tips:

      • Verify CFTC Regulation: Only trade through Nadex or Cantor Exchange.
      • Ignore Cold Calls: Disregard unsolicited calls pressuring you to invest.
      • Analyze Account Access: Ensure only you can access your trading account.
      • Avoid Bonus Offers: Bonus terms usually require very high trading minimums before withdrawing funds.
      • Read Agreement: Thoroughly read any agreements before sending money to unfamiliar offshore entities.
      • Check Backgrounds: Research company employee backgrounds, addresses, licenses, fees, and business practices before trading.

How to Identify Binary Options Frauds

Here are signals to identify binary options scams:

      • Guaranteed Profits: Claims of endless wealth with little risk often indicate frauds. Legitimate brokers never downplay risks.
      • Pushy Salespeople: High pressure tactics create impulsive decisions.
      • Missing Company Details: Websites lacking physical addresses or employee names suggest shady operations.
      • Complex Withdrawals: Difficult fund withdrawal processes prevent accessing money.
      • Fake Testimonials: Check if other sites corroborate positive reviews.
      • Too Good to Be True: Extremely high potential payouts with low risks are advertising gimmicks not reality.

Legitimate Binary Options Trading Platforms

Reputable binary options platforms include:

      • Nadex: North American Derivatives Exchange regulated by the CFTC with trading available since 2004. Offers binary options and spreads on stock indices, forex pairs, commodities, and economic events.
      • Cantor Exchange: Only other CFTC regulated binary options exchange also offering trading since 2010.
      • Binary.com: Established in 1999, Binary.com holds licenses from Malta, Ireland, and the UK and serves traders globally. Known for cryptocurrency binary options.

These regulated brokers follow ethical business practices, store client funds securely, disclose risks transparently, and offer technical analysis tools. See our best binary options brokers that is regulated by securities and exchange commission. Successful Binary options are based on good brokers.

Can You Profit from Binary Options Trading?

Yes, substantial profits are achievable with binary options trading but require market knowledge, technical analysis proficiency, and strong risk management habits. Simply predicting short-term price movements alone rarely produces consistent winners over time.

Profitable traders employ strategic planning, smart money management, and risk reduction through diversification across multiple assets and time frames. They focus on reducing maximum risks per trade while consistently applying high-probability trading setups. Mastering binary options trading can take months or years comparing to gambling where success requires sheer luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a binary option?

A binary option is a financial instrument with only two outcomes – you either win a fixed return based on the correct prediction or lose the amount risked.

Are binary options legal in the United States?

Yes, binary options traded through CFTC regulated exchanges like Nadex and Cantor Exchange are legal. Off-exchange binary options trading is illegal.

Can you make money with binary options?

Yes, skilled traders can profit from binary options but it requires market knowledge, strong analysis skills, an organized trading plan, and disciplined risk management. It is not gambling.

Do binary options have expiration dates?

Yes, every binary option contract expires at a predetermined date and time chosen by the trader ranging from five minutes to one week depending on the broker. Contracts close as either worth $100 or $0.

What assets can you trade with binary options?

Binary options enable trading global markets including forex pairs, stocks, commodities, and indices. Economic events and cryptocurrencies are also tradable.

The Bottom Line

Binary options present both opportunities and dangers. Regulated providers like Nadex allow legal access to financial markets with capped risks per trade. However, countless binary options scams exist so traders must verify CFTC oversight before depositing money.

Educate yourself, start slowly, manage risks, and pick reputable brokers operating with transparency. While profits require substantial skill and effort, binary options offer an alternative way to speculate on financial asset price movements. Take time to thoroughly understand this high-risk, high-reward method for trading the world’s markets. Read more about crypto mining

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