April 20, 2024

Terms and Conditions

Mininglegit.com Terms and Conditions – What You Need to Know.

Terms and conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions is a crucial part of ensuring your investments are secure. In this page, we will take a deep dive into the terms and conditions of Mininglegit.com.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to govern your use of the Mininglegit.com service. They apply to all visitors, users, and others who access or use this Service. By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms.

User Access and Use

Accessing or using the Mininglegit.com service implies acceptance of their terms and conditions. If you disagree with any part of these terms then you may not access their services. This includes purchasing any product or service made available through their platform.

Mininglegit requires users to read and understand the terms and conditions before using the platform. This helps ensure both parties understand the rules governing the service.

Purchasing Policies

Mininglegit encourages its users to familiarize themselves with their rights contained within various consumer protection laws such as the Sale of Goods Act 1979, Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, and the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.

If you wish to make a purchase on this platform or affiliate, you may be asked for certain information relevant to your purchase including credit card details, billing address etc. It’s important that all information provided is accurate as they hold no responsibility for loss or damage arising from false information.

When making any purchase, Mininglegit users must provide accurate billing details including full name, address, contact information, and valid payment method. This grants Mininglegit authorization to process payments for transactions on the platform.

Providing false information can result in canceled orders or disrupted services. Users are accountable for submitting correct payment data.

Payment Information

Payment information is required to facilitate transactions on Mininglegit or affiliate. This includes details like:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date
  • Billing address
  • Shipping information

By entering payment data, users confirm they have legal rights to the provided payment methods for purchases made on Mininglegit. Users also authorize the site to share necessary data with third parties to complete transactions.

It’s essential users ensure any payment information given on the site is legal, accurate and up-to-date. Outdated or unauthorized payment methods may disrupt orders.

Product Availability

While we strive towards maintaining an updated inventory on their website at all times, there might be instances where products/services may be mispriced or unavailable due to errors in description or other reasons. In such cases, they reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order.

If products are listed incorrectly or unavailable at the time of purchase, Mininglegit reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders. This includes:

  • Incorrect pricing or descriptions
  • Out of stock items
  • Discontinued products
  • Errors in order details

Though Mininglegit aims to showcase accurate real-time availability, unforeseen issues can still occur. Users agree that Mininglegit holds no liability for losses or damages from canceled orders.

It’s advised users double check product listings before purchase to ensure accuracy. Reaching out for clarification can also minimize order issues.

User Rights and Responsibilities

As a user of Mininglegit.com, you have certain rights and responsibilities. You are responsible for safeguarding your account password and any activities under your account. If you suspect any unauthorized use of your account, it’s important to notify them immediately.

Mininglegit users must:

  • Keep account passwords safe and private
  • Never share login details with others
  • Monitor account activity closely
  • Report unauthorized access immediately

Users are accountable for all actions under their account. Failing to protect account security or report issues can violate the terms of service.

It’s essential users uphold account safety best practices to avoid policy breaches. Enabling login notifications and strong passwords is advised.

Privacy Policy Summary

Mininglegit.com respects the privacy of its users. They collect personal information only when necessary and handle all data in accordance with their privacy policy. It’s recommended that users read through this policy before using their services.

Key details in Mininglegit’s privacy policy:

  • Personal data collection limited to necessity
  • Compliance with privacy laws and regulations
  • Secure storage of user information
  • Appropriate consent before data sharing
  • User right to access/edit/delete own data

By using Mininglegit, users agree to the collection and handling of your information as outlined in the privacy policy document. It’s critical users review this policy prior to account creation. Learn more. 

Cookie Policy Summary

Like many websites, Mininglegit.com uses cookies to improve user experience on their site. By using their service, you consent to the use of these cookies unless you have disabled them in your browser settings.

Mininglegit’s cookie policy overview:

  • Cookies enhance site functionality
  • Required and preference cookies in use
  • Ability to reject non-essential cookies
  • Cookie usage data collection for analytics
  • Changes to policy communicated to users

Continuing to browse Mininglegit with cookies enabled implies agreeing to their cookie data collection and usage – except for optional cookies that can be rejected.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content on Mininglegit.com is owned by them or licensed for use on their platform. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this content is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Mininglegit.com.

This includes:

  • Site design and infrastructure
  • Product listings and descriptions
  • User guides/documentation
  • Branding assets and trademarks

By policy, users may not:

  • Copy or distribute content
  • Reverse engineer site code
  • Alter or reuse branding assets
  • Modify documents/media

Infringing on Mininglegit’s intellectual property violates terms and conditions, subject to legal action. Properly sourced citations are permitted, but explicit permission is required for republishing.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The services provided by MiningLegit are offered “as is” without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied including fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or course performance among others.

Specifically, Mininglegit disclaims warranties for:

  • Uptime guarantees
  • Suitability for specific applications
  • Error/defect resolution
  • Platform security guarantees
  • Accuracy of informational content

While committed to a high quality of service, unforeseen issues can occur. Users agree not to hold Mininglegit liable for damages emerging from using their platform or content.

All services rendered as-is. Users assume responsibility in adopting services to their use case.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall MiningLegit be liable for indirect damages resulting from access to or use (or inability thereof) of the Service including loss profits, data etc regardless if they were informed about the possibility of such damage beforehand.

Liability limitations extend to:

  • Indirect, incidental damages
  • Consequential losses
  • Loss of income opportunities
  • Non-performance related issues
  • Inaccuracies in informational content

Damages emerging from unauthorized access or alterations to data by third parties also fall under limitation of liability, provided Mininglegit has taken reasonable security measures.

Using Mininglegit services indicates accepting all liability exclusions around platform usage outlined here.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions, users agree to defend and hold harmless MiningLegit from claims arising out usage/access violations as well as breaches in terms/conditions/content posted on the service among others.

Specifically, users must fully indemnify Mininglegit from legal actions/damages/losses emerging as result of:

  • Copyright violations
  • Intellectual property breaches
  • Account security failures
  • Sharing harmful content
  • Non-compliance with regulations

Users are responsible for ensuring own compliance with laws and proper usage of the platform. Indemnification requires fully compensating Mininglegit for user actions violating policies.

Changes to Terms

MiningLegit reserves the right at any time modify these terms with reasonable notice given prior changes becoming effective. Continued use of the service after these changes implies agreement to the modified terms.

Term/policy changes may include:

  • Pricing adjustments
  • Platform feature changes
  • Scope expansion/limitations
  • New guidelines introduced

Mininglegit agrees to provide advance notification before major policy changes come into effect, giving users the opportunity to review modifications or close accounts if desired.

Ongoing use of the platform indicates acceptance of any updated terms and conditions.

In conclusion, understanding the terms and conditions of any online platform is crucial before you begin using their services. Mininglegit.com has laid out clear guidelines for its users to ensure a smooth and secure experience on their platform. Always remember that your rights as a consumer are protected by law, and it’s important to familiarize yourself with these protections before making any online transactions.