April 20, 2024

DataMining Review: Is Data Mining legit or scam? Should i mine with the platform as it will last for 365 days, what do you think? Today we will review datamining by offering the best information to help you make a choice. Start mining 

DataMining Review


Datamining is a cloud mining firm that was founded by group of experts. They claim to offer the best mining service both for beginners and old investors. Datamining.live company claims to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Currency Group. However they offer clients the opportunity to tap into mining ecosystem. As claims, Data MINING has entered into a deep strategic partnership agreement with Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States.

More-so, the company shows extra Data MINING already supports direct transfers from Coinbase exchange accounts to Data MINING accounts! If you are also a client of the Coinbase exchange, you can choose Coinbase Payments when making payments. The funds are supervised by Coinbase, a third-party listed company. Datamining use the newest ASIC and GPU mining gear from Bitmain, Canaan and Nvidia and advanced cooling technologies.

Mining Plans

For educational purposes, you can have mining contract automatically activated after your payment Is confirmed.
Mining income is released once a day. You can withdraw the output at any time (without waiting for the end of the contract) There is no limit to the number of withdrawals

Free BTC for 1 days: The price of this contract is $0/ 1 Day and Contract duration is 1 days. Hardware is Antminer S19 with daily Mining up to 0.000002 BTC ≈ 0.1 USD and it’s once a day
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit

New Customer Specials: This plan cost $12, the contract duration is 365 days. It uses hardware Antminer S19 however the daily mining is 0.000022 BTC ( ≈ 0.66 $ ).
Monthly mining is 0.0006667 BTC ( ≈ $ 20 )
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit

NEWBIE: This is perfect account for newbies with price of $15/ and it’s a Day
Contract. The datamining Hardware is Antminer S19 the daily Mining is 0.00077 BTC ≈ $ 22.
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit.

BEGINNER: perfect plan for beginners with price $215 and the contract duration is 1 days. Hardware is Antminer S19 and the daily Mining is 0.0075 BTC ≈ $ 225
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit

ADVANCED: This is 3-day plan and cost $2999 however the hardware is antminer S19. With this your daily mining is 0.058 BTC ( ≈ $ 1740) and total earnings is 0.174 BTC ≈ $ 5220.
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit

One Year Contract

Basic: This plan cost $360 and the Contract duration is 365 days. It uses hardware known as Antminer S19 and the daily mining is 0.00123BTC ( ≈ $ 36.6 ).
Monthly mining is 0.0366 BTC ( ≈ $ 1098 ).
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit

ECONOMY: The price of this plan is $770 and contract duration is 365 days. Therefore the Hardware is Antminer S19, and daily mining is 0.00336 BTC ( ≈ $ 100.8 ).
Monthly mining is 0.1007 BTC ( ≈ $ 3021)
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit

STANDART: This is a plan for Average investors, it cost $2350. However the contract duration is 365 days and Hardware is Antminer S19. The daily mining is 0.014 BTC ( ≈ $ 420 ) and monthly mining is 0.42 BTC ( ≈ $ 12600 ).
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit

SENIOR: This plan is for the advanced with price $6580 however contract duration is 365 days, Hardware is Antminer S19. The daily mining is 0.0616 BTC ( ≈ $ 1848 ) and monthly mining is 1.848 BTC ( ≈ $ 55440 ).
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit.

ADVANCED: This plan cost $13860 however the contract duration is 365 days, Hardware is Antminer S19. The Daily mining is 0.131 BTC ( ≈ $ 3930 ) and Monthly mining is 3.92 BTC ( ≈ $ 117600 ).
Financial Permit:UK Government Permit

Is Datamining legit?

Datamining.live is new ,the platform is not legit because we are yet to verify it. Datamining.live is a cloud mining firm that was founded in 2023-09-27 not up to a month now.

However they claim to have been in the business for a while now. The company assumes to be located at 124 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX. If we are to verify, it might actually come out to be false. Therefore in the process of our datamining review, we looked into how it operates.

We discovered that data mining have no much that to evaluate them, and might be an incarnation of other fake died platforms.
Therefore, at this point we cannot say that datamining is legit until we comfirm it with good number of months or year.after that we can generate a good data to backup our review and avoid misleading you.

Most importantly, there’s some platform who claim to be the best but after sometimes, you see scam. However we avoid first impression which leads to higher level deposit. It displays all card payment but if you try to deposit it takes you to crypto.

Datamining.live Customer Support

Datamining.live offer customer support through ticket and email. I tried to check the support service but i on saw ticket and email. However before i get this support, i must login to contact them. Well, to me the don’t have good customer support service. If they do, there should be othe channels to get them. Secondly, you can only know if this support are working when your investment is hanging with them. Stay safe.

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Payment methods

Datamining offers about 9 payment methods, this includes btc, ethereum, usdt, ltc, trx, doge and coinbase.
In all, i can confirm that they are same way to withdraw. However most important part is that your withdrawal is processed immediately after request. If not, i prefer fast withdrawal to to delay.

Datamining Review Conclusion

Datamining is a platform that have no much information to write about. However we will conclude our datamining review by telling you to be wise when getting email from them. Even when checking other platform, stay very safe and focus. Just like other platform out there, datamining.live platform might not be able to function to your advantage. Don’t get twisted, there are ancient of days mining firm with the best platform. Check CGminer firm, and stay in profit. More-so, start investing profitably with bitcoin-mining.

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