July 24, 2024

Ecosminer.com Review: Is Ecosminer Legit Or Scam, should I mine with the platform. EcosMiner is new and have no original founder. If you want to start mining with this platform, it’s simple but we can’t assure your investment. It’s not legit to deal with, that’s because many times we have seen beautiful mining firm with no responsibility other than stealing your coin.

Ecosminer Review


Ecos Mining is a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform, they claim to have advanced cryptocurrency mining equipment. However, they have maintenance facilities, cheap clean electricity energy to help you mine profitably. Ecos miner is leading cryptocurrency mining platforms, offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range – for newcomers.

As said, their mission is to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone. Now we will give you full review based on our findings. Ecosminer.com is a new cloud mining firm found in 2023-06-02, they have different names like ecosmining.vip, ecosmining.pro, Ecos Mining.

This scam is hidden under the big name ecos.am which is the legit mining site. Ecos miner has no good mining firm but just good mining site. To be sure of what you are looking for, avoid ecosminer.com. they are new and have no proof of being legit, the mining firm is bent on bad mining experience for investors.

What To Do When Choosing A Mining Platform.

If you are new in online investment most especially cloud mining you would be confused on the best platform for beginners on bitcoin mining. However when looking for the best we might categorize your best on profit, bonus, fast withdrawal and more.

Today you might hope to get bonus but not withdraw your capital investment. It’s advisable that when searching for the best cloud mining firm you consider it’s legitimacy. To get the best information do this quick search. Check whois, it will reveal the year the domain was founded and registrar.

More-so you will get other information like the server and more. Look out for review from people who invested with them for long and have withdrawn their profits.
If you don’t get reasonable information after this search, don’t invest. More-so if they co.e with different domain just like Ecosminer, don’t invest.

Mining Plans

STARTER: This plan is for testing and cost $12, the contract duration is 365 days.
However, the daily mining is 0.0000189 BTC ( ≈ 0.66 $ ), it’s Hardware is Antminer S19j, the Monthly Mining is 0.000566 BTC ( ≈ 19.8 $ )

NEW BEGINNER: this plan is for beginners and cost $100, the Contract duration is 365 days. Daily Mining is 0.000114 BTC ( ≈ 3.9 $ ) with Hardware of Antminer S19j. More-so the Monthly Mining is 0.00334 BTC ( ≈ 117 $ ).

BASIC: This plan cost $320 however the contract duration is 365 days. The daily mining is 0.00086 BTC ( ≈ 30.23$) and Hardware is Antminer S19j.
Monthly Mining : 0.026 BTC ( ≈ 906.9 $ )

ECONOMY: Start mining with a good plan which cost $728 however the contract duration is 365 days. The Daily Mining is 0.00288 BTC ( ≈ 100.8 $ ) and it’s Hardware is Antminer S19j more-so, the Monthly Mining is 0.086BTC ( ≈ 3024 $ )

STANDART: In Ecosminer review,  we noticed that this plan $2400 best for consistent growth. Contract duration is 365 days and Daily Mining is 0.012 BTC ( ≈ 420 $ ). The Hardware is Antminer S19j and Monthly Mining is 0.36 BTC ( ≈ 12600 $ )

Big Plans With Discount

SENIOR: This plan cost $6500 and the contract duration is 365 days. However the daily mining is 0.044 BTC ( ≈ 1548$ ) and hardware is antminer S19j. In this your monthly mining is 1.32 BTC ( ≈46440$ )

ADVANCED: Mostly for advanced investors as said with price up to $12600. The contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.112 BTC ( ≈ 3930$ ), the hardware is Antminer S19j with monthly mining of 3.36 BTC ( ≈ 117900$

LUXURIOUS: Best for advanced investors with price up to $32000. Contract duration is 365 days however the daily mining is 0.312 BTC ( ≈ 10920 $ ). Hardware is antminer S19j and the monthly Mining is 10.921 BTC ( ≈ 327600 $ )

OPTIMUM: On btc plan, this is the highest level with mining price $63000. The contract duration is 365 days with daily mining up to 1.026 BTC ( ≈ 35910 $ ), Hardware is Antminer S19j and Monthly Mining 30.8 BTC ( ≈1077300 $ ).

Is Ecosminer Legit?

Ecosminer is not legit, the reason is because they are new and have no potential for safe mining platform. In the process of ecosminer review, we noticed that they offer high returns which makes the platform fake. However if you check the website settings, you will know that, it has been in existence for years but in different shapes. For getting started, they must wear another cloth ,that’s from one domain to another. Ecos miner have many platform just like chainmine you just need to be careful.

Support service

Ecosminer offer multiple support service via email, phone and contact form. This shows a little bit professional, but it still not advisable to start mining with them. However if you have a strong reason to do that, you must invest with what you can afford to lose. To contact the company support, call: +44 33 0001 0103 or Email: support@ecosmining.email. more-so you can visit 46 Leighton Road, London, England, W13 9EH. These are information available on the website, we have not tried to contact them for the first time.

Ecos miner Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our Ecosminer review by telling you to avoid the platform. Ecosminer is not legit. Other related platform have been reviewed here few days ago. Read about datamining, thdy still another scam mining company. Please note that currently we do not trust any mining platform, to start mining bitcoin profitably, we have suggested iqmining. however you can equally invest we other investment platform that offers real estate and agriculture. Compare our top mining firm and choose wisely. Most mining platform does not have access to good mining energy, that’s they only have website with no data center. Avoid such platform.

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