July 24, 2024

Iqmining Review: Is Iqmining Legit Or Scam? Find out today by reading our review. Recently, many mining firm have emerged, some claim to be the best while some focused on miners interest. Today we checked iqmining and they have customers interest at heart. But before we tell you more, compare platform with others.

Iqmining Review


Iqmining is a cloud mining firm that was founded by group of experts in 2018. The platform is built with intuitive interface and offer mining and trading. Therefore with iqmining platform, you can trade cryptocurrencies, binary options, forex and or mine crypto. At a switch of button, you have done two things at the same time.

Iq mining trading is top rated forex broker and its mining profit higher than your formal mining platform. Moreover, as iqmining user you can pledge your contract to start trading. That’s to say that you can automatically stop your mining and use your earnings and capital to trade. That sounds great? Well they’re more to enjoy with iq mining platform.

The firm is legit and reliable with millions of investors worldwide. You can easily find them, just visit the headquarters at Tunewo Limited – Nr. 103582, Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960. Iqmining started as a mining firm, in 2021, the introduced trading to the platform. This made them different from other mining companies. To know more about the platform, visit iqmining official website.


Iq mining

Iqmining offers multiple mining plans, starting from $50 to $99983 in discount. All plan are instant with daily withdrawal. Let’s take a look at the plans available.

SILVER: The silver account features are payout every day. The minimum purchase is from 5000 GH/s, it uses SHA-256. However on discount, 10 GH/s = 0.096$, the maintenance fee is 0.0004$ / 10 GH/s / 24h, and Payouts is every day and minimum contract is 5000 GH/s.

GOLD: Gold account start from 30000 GH/s, SHA-256, it’s on discount with 10 GH/s = 0.091$. However the maintenance fee is 0.0004$ / 10 GH/s / 24h and payouts is every day, Minimum contract is 30000 GH/s

GOLD: Gold account features are 30000 GH/s and SHA-256. Their 10 GH/s is discount to 0.091$. Maintenance fee is 0.0004$ / 10 GH/s / 24h, however payouts is every day. Minimum contract is 30000 GH/s.

Diamond: it’s Same as Gold but with extra features. The price is from 5492637 GH/s and +5% Extra hashrate (revenue) however you get Latest iPhone as a gift, x2 Monthly Giveaway tickets. You equally get personal manager. Up to 35% discount +48h discounts extended.

Is Iq mining Legit?

IQMining is a legit and reliable with the best mining platform. I started mining with the platform in 2020, i made some pretty good profit. But something happened, i didn’t withdraw my earnings till i invest with trading via pledge. I was not perfect with trading options and i losed all my earnings.

However when it comes to if iqmining is legit, i know them to be a smart cloud mining service, deriving from mining efficiency and costs of a physical cryptocurrencies mining. They provide smart cloud mining service, developed and masterminded by various cryptocurrency enthusiansts and blockchain experts in order to provide affordable and most efficient mining service with frequent payouts for both small and large investors. Iqmining is legit if we compare the pricing and fee. However other platform might not be able to give you high profit like iq mining.

Support Service

Iqmining offers a good customer support service via livechat, email, phone and contact form. This support is 24/7 and instant reply, to start mining with them, you don’t have to be worried if iqmining is legit or will provide a support service when need arise.

Iq mining have FAQs where you can get all the information you need. To start mining or trading, you don’t need extra effort, you can trade with copy trading or with trading bot.
The most important part of this, the customer support will always be with you to help you succeed.

The data center is located at 1 Canada, 2 Russia, 3 Iceland, 4 Georgia, 5 Algeria, 6 China. Customer Support service phone numbers are United Kingdom: +44 1224 459763, Russia: +7 (499) 677-68-19.
Contact them via email, support@iqmining.com

Iqmining Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our iqmining review by telling you to start mining with the platform. Iqmining is legit and reliable with 24/7 customer support service.
To get started, please Sign up and purchase hashrate contract. You don’t need any special hardware or software or even to keep your own computer on to do cloud mining. Your contacts performance is deriving from mining efficiency and costs of a physical cryptocurrencies mining.

Therefore to start trading or mining, you just need to deposit money in your iqmining platform. If you find anything difficult, hit the support button. However you can compare this platform with chainmine.org, start investing if you can’t trade.

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