April 20, 2024

People want to know what smartmining review is all about and whether smartmining legit?
These questions and more are expected from prospective users. However, answers to these questions are very important. And these answers cannot be overlooked before any prospective investor proceeds to invest his money.

Cloud mining is an ever growing business platform. Therefore, we urge people to engage in it. Especially persons who are yet to get involved in cloud mining.
But this is not to be done carelessly. Therefore, before investing, endeavor to make adequate research.

In recent times, cloud mining market have been infested with all kinds of fraudulent activities. Therefore, users should be very mindful of the kind of firms they purchase hash power with.
We are here to guide you. And make sure you don’t make costly mistakes.
Read snkmining review by us. For more information on the best cloud mining platforms to invest with.

Meanwhile, go through this smart-mining.app review. And find out in detail what they are all about. Also find out if smartmining is legit.



Smart-mining.app claim to be a leading cryptocurrency mining platform. Established in 2019 by experts. And offering a wide range of cryptocurrency mining capacity for their new users. They also have a mission to make cryptocurrency mining easy and accessible to users from all around the world.
smart-mining.app also makes use of the cheapest source of renewable electricity in the world.

More so, with smartmining bitcoinmining, users have access to mining a variety of cryptocurrencies. Without owning any equipment. All you need to do is purchase a hash power. And start making profits daily.
Smartmining bitcoin mining offers over 10 mineable cryptocurrencies for its users.

Therefore, smartmining bitcoin mining aims to give their customers ultimate cloud mining performance. At a low cost. Accordingly, they smart-mining.app are serving over 90,000 customers from over 100+ countries around the world.

How smartmining cloud mining works

There are 4 easy steps to start your cloud mining journey with smart-mining.app.

Firstly, you need to create an account. By signing up with smartmining cloud mining, new users get free mining usd.
A new user can get up to $50 for free. To start mining with.
Secondly, you choose your plan. You do this by purchasing any plan of your choice. They have a variety of plans you can choose from. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs. Smartmining cloud mining have 20+ payment methods. Therefore users can easily make deposits into their account. Then get ready to start mining by purchasing their desired plans.

Afterwards, you are now ready to start mining. And your mining starts automatically. Without any further actions required from you. Also, when mining have started. You will receive your daily mining output from your designated wallet. The system automatically adds this output to your account daily. And you are able to withdraw this amount immediately.

Smartmining Plans and packages review

smart-mining.app has 8 plans. And they include:

1. The experienced plan

This is a yearly plan that costs $12. With a daily mining of 0.000032btc. And a monthly mining of 0.00096btc. That is approximately $19.2

2. The newbie plan

This is also a yearly plan that costs $360. Currently on 20% off. With a daily mining of 0.0018btc. And a monthly mining of 0.054btc. Which is approximately $1080

3. The basic plan

This plan is currently on 30% off. And it’s also a yearly plan that costs $770. With a daily mining of 0.0059btc. And monthly mining of 0.177btc. That is approximately $3540.

4. The smartmining economy plan

This plan is currently 40% off. It’s also a yearly plan that cost $2580. With a daily mining of 0.0215btc. And a monthly mining of 0.645btc. Which is approximately $12900

5. The professional plan

This plan is currently on 50% off. It also lasts for a year and cost $6580. With a daily mining of 0.0658. And monthly mining of 1.974btc. Approximately $39480

6. The advanced plan

This is also a yearly plan that cost $13860. This plan is currently on 55% off. With a daily mining of 0.154btc. And a monthly mining of 4.62btc. Which is approximately $92400.

7. The luxurious plan

This is a yearly plan that costs $32800. This plan is currently on 60% off. With a daily mining of 0.41btc. And a monthly mining of 12.3btc. Which is approximately $$246000.

8. The smartmining top plan

This plan is a yearly plan that cost $78000. This plan is currently on a 70% off. With a daily mining of 1.3btc. And a monthly mining of 39btc. That is approximately $780000.

Smart mining services; investment security and customer support system

Smartmining bitcoin mining claim to provide the best services to their customers. Ranging from a highly secured investment, to a stress free withdrawal system. And also a 24/7 customer support system. However, users can only reach them through their email. Which by the current cloud miming standards, is not good enough. A livechat system is always the best. With this, users are able to reach out to you when they are in your site currently. For instance, if you check a site like bitcoin mining app, their team is always available. To provide any customers needs 24/7.

They claim to have a support system ready to attend to customers needs 24/7. Therefore, their team of experts are ready to help you and always available for you. All you have to do is reach out to them. But this might not be readily achievable without a livechat. Therefore, we view this as a major shortcoming to this platform.

Smartmining bitcoin mining withdrawal takes only 24 hours to process. And being honest, this is fair enough. In some cloud mining platforms, withdrawal may even take more than a day to process. Smartmining cloud mining gives detailed statistics of every users transactions. Therefore, users will always get their mining logs.

About security, smartmining bitcoin mining constantly protects their users informations. Why do they do this?
They do this to minimize the risk of intruders. Therefore, their customers enjoy maximum security while dealing with their site. This gives customers leverage to savor all a platform has to offer.

Is smartmining legit?

We don’t think smartmining is legit. After carefully doing our research about this firm. We do not think users should invest with them. At least not yet. We want to watch them for a while before recommending them. For now we can’t say smartmining is legit. Therefore users can go for other fast rising mining platforms. Who have proven to be legit like the bitcoin mining.

Smartmining review conclusion

In conclusion to this smartmining review. We want to point out something to users across the world. Cloud mining is not a market you give up on. Now is the right time to gather up coins. For a true investor, now is the time to make the most out of bitcoin.

We know the value is on the rise recently. But we also know from experience that it will rise even more. Therefore, now is the best time to acquire coins. So when it rises you can make a 100%. Read other mining reviews by us. And purchase hash power from a profitable mining site. We hope this smartmining review have been insightful for new cloud mining users.

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