April 20, 2024

Bitdeer Review: Is bitdeer legit or scam? How do make profits from bitdeer Self-run system. Well, all you will hear about bit deer mining firm when you search for bitdeer review is  recommending advice.

This made us to write this review to help you make you final decisions. Unfortunately, we might still recommend this platform because it have proven to provide top quality services.

Bitdeer Review


Bitdeer is also known as (NASDAQ: BTDR) listed company, headed by chairman, Jihan Wu as the CEO and founder. It’s a leading cloud mining platform that provides users with access to real computing power for mining cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. However, Bitdeer has a global presence with operations in over 200 countries and regions. The company operates its own mining farms and has a large network of partner miners.

Bitdeer offers a variety of cloud mining plans that cater to different needs and budgets. Plans start as low as 0.01 TH/s and go up to 10,000 TH/s. Users can purchase hashrate in fixed amounts or on a prorated basis. Bit deer also offers a variety of digital assets to its users, therefore, you can gain more than mining while using bitdeer.

From all indications,  Bitdeer is a reputable and well-respected company in the cryptocurrency industry. The company is committed to providing its users with the best possible experience and is constantly innovating to improve its platform.

If you want  to invest in cloud mining, Bitdeer is a great option to consider. However, With its transparent mining reports, direct mining payments, simple and easy-to-use platform, and reliable and secure mining farms, Bit deer is a trusted and experienced provider in the cloud mining industry.

Bit Deer Data Center

As one of the group’s 3 business verticals, bitdeer Data Center team provides institutions with site selection, design, construction, maintenance, and general one-stop technical support. Therefore the company data center is located in different countries and town. United states of America and Norway is the heart of it’s data center. That shows that your investment is safe and secure with bitdeer.

USA Data Center

First data center:  Washington, USA
Established: 2018
Energy Source: 100% carbon-free (as of December 31, 2022)
Features: Bitdeer’s first mining Data Center in the USA. It has adopted the highest standard for mining operations worldwide and that has resulted in smooth operation.
Second data center: Tennessee, USA
Established: 2020
Energy Source: 60% carbon-free (as of December 31, 2022)
Features: This facility was purchased from Panasonic and has since been upgraded to ignite a new economic growth stream and increase local employment. The site is a combination of existing infrastructure and new construction.

Norway Data Center

The norway country is a good environment for cloud mining company. However bitdeer have two data center in this country. 
The first data center in norway : Molde, Norway
Established: 2019
Energy Source: 100% carbon-free (as of December 31, 2022)
Features: Bitdeer’s first mining Data Center in Norway. It fully consists of Minerbase mobile mining units.
Second data center in Norway: Tydal, Norway
Established: 2022
Energy Source: 100% carbon-free (as of December 31, 2022)
Features: Bit deer has built its own substation in Norway. The facility consists of Minerbase mobile mining units and traditional mining facilities.

Pros And Cons of Bitdeer

Feature Pros Cons
No hardware investment You don’t need to invest in expensive hardware. You’re not in control of the hardware.
No maintenance Bitdeer takes care of all the maintenance. You’re not exposed to the risk of hardware failure or price fluctuations.
Low risk You only pay for the hashrate you purchase. You’re not exposed to the upside potential of cryptocurrency prices.
Easy setup It’s easy to set up a Bitdeer account and start mining cryptocurrency. You may not be able to customize your mining setup.
Transparency Bit deer provides transparent mining reports.
Direct payments You are paid directly for your mining rewards.
Simple platform Bitdeer’s platform is simple and easy to use.
Reliable and secure Bitdeer’s mining farms are located in secure facilities and are backed by insurance.

Is Bitdeer Legit?

Is Bitdeer legit

Bitdeer is a legitimate cloud mining platform that has been operating since 2018. They have a good reputation in the cryptocurrency industry and have a large user base. They are also transparent about their mining operations and provide transparent mining reports to their users. It’s operation and maintenance is monitored by professionals.

However, it is important to note that cloud mining is a risky investment. The profitability of cloud mining can vary significantly depending on the price of cryptocurrency and the difficulty of mining. Additionally, there is always the risk that a cloud mining company could go out of business or stop paying users their mining rewards.

Bit deer is a reputable cloud mining platform that is worth considering if you are looking to get into cloud mining. However, it is important to do your own research and understand the risks involved before investing any money.

Why Is Bitdeer marked as Legit?

  • Long history: Bitdeer has been operating since 2018, which is a significant period in the cryptocurrency industry. This indicates that they have been able to maintain their operations and customer base over a long period of time.
  • Good reputation: Bitdeer has a generally positive reputation in the cryptocurrency community. They have been reviewed by several reputable sources, and most reviews have been positive.
  • Transparent mining operations: Bitdeer provides transparent mining reports to their users, which allows them to see how much they are earning and how their mining is performing. Therefore this transparency is important for building trust with customers.
  • Large user base: Bitdeer has a large user base, which suggests that they are providing a valuable service to their customers. A large user base also helps to mitigate the risk of a scam, as it would be difficult to maintain a large user base without providing a legitimate service.
  • Partnerships with reputable companies: Bitdeer has partnerships with several reputable companies in the cryptocurrency industry, such as BTC.com and Antpool. These partnerships suggest that Bitdeer is a trusted and respected company in the industry.

BitDeer Review Plan And Product

Antminer S19Pro Plan: this is Bitdeer Self-run however, the Static Revenue Rate is in percentage. The Hash Rate Fee is $0.0189 /T/D while Electricity Fee is $0.0531/T/D. The 72% of this product is no longer available, however the official price is $170.00 and Estimated starting in 24 hrs.

Antminer S19Pro Plan: Its equally Bitdeer Self-run with Static Revenue Rate in percentage. Hash Rate Fee is $0.0117 /T/D and Electricity Fee is $0.0531/T/D. However 95% of the product is not available and the price per 10 GH/s is $2.34. Estimated starting in 24 hrs

Antminer S19Pro PlanBitdeer Self-run and the Static Revenue Rate is in percentage. Hash Rate Fee is $0.0117 /T/D and Electricity Fee is $0.0531/T/D, however 96% of this product is no longer available. The price is $4.08 for 10 GH and it’s on discount.

Support service

Bitdeer offers customer support via email, contact form for tickets and phone. Therefore, you can send them a mail based on what you want. Contact the brand, sales, or support teams by emailing: Marketing:Marketing@bitdeer.com, for Sales Consulting: sales@bitdeer.com. However, for Media Inquiry contact pr@bitdeer.com and for general Help Centre contact support@bitdeer.com. Career Opportunity, contact careers@bitdeer.com. This support service is 24/7 with instant reply.

BitDeer Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our bitdeer review by telling you to start  mining with the platform. Bit deer is  legit and reliable with the best equipment to mine all cryptocurrency safely. Therefore if you are looking for the best mining site and you have encounter with bitdeer, you are not in a scam site. Our professional advice is to try the platform as the service offered is top notch. Payment methods are available in all kind and withdrawal is instant.

Stay cool and start investing profitably. Unlike Avalonhash, bitdeer a legit crypto mining platform highly equipped and safe from attackers. However if you are not sure if bitdeer is legit, compare platform with ecos.am mining firm. Or you can try iqmining for fast and easy performance. We have shown the details of iqmining platform in our last review.

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